water system

water system have 2 types: (dari ape neng learn for today)

( 1 ) over-flow water system (running water cm tuu laa)..

  • ♥ water more clean because clean water flow in.
  • ♥ a lot of water waste.
  • ♥ the clean water from water tank flow into the tank contain larvae freshwater prawn. then the water will filter and flow out.
  • ♥ level of the water in the tank contain larvae freshwater prawn must same with the level water in the pipe. this will make sure the water level still same although it continue flow until it stop by itself.

 ( 2 ) filter water system

  • ♥ water not too clean because the water is recycle back.
  • ♥ less of water waste.
  • ♥ the  water from the tank contain larvae freshwater prawn filter and flow out through the pipe into a tank.
  • ♥ then the water is recycle back.

foot note:

♥ this types of water system used to filter the water. utk project udang galah neng nie, tujuan guna water system nie utk remove kulit artemia yg da dlm tangki udang galah..

♥ cara paling bagus ialah filter water system.. 
sbb ==> lebay jimat.. air x bazir..

the pipe used for over-flow water system.

pipe for filter water system.

filter water used.

just sharing the knowledge what neng get for today..
~~~~~~~~~~ (^_^) ~~~~~~~~~~

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