NEW book in NEW year


2011 dh lepas.. now 2012 is coming.!! mcm-mcm lagi belom neng capai.. hmm.. tpi taun 2011 neng dh dpt ape neng wish.. iaitu : neng dh bli Mashi Maro patung bsao pnyew..!! dh lama dream kan taw..!! 

nie neng beli kt Sarikei.. tyme trip bersama dekan UPMKB..

2011 byk benda berlaku.. pahit, manis, masam, masin smua ada..!! tpi, smua nie buat kan neng blajar to be tough, more stronger and dependable.. mksud nyaa neng dh tua + matang.. =.=''

perbezaan neng dari 2009, 2010 dan 2011.. mcm sama jew kan?? ada beza tuu.. rmbut jew kot.. =.=''

utk 2012.. neng harap neng dpt achieve more than what neng want.. harap-harap all da dreams will come true.. dreams neng tgk bawah tuu.. nie neng pnh post dlm fb neng.. hehe..

  • married to the person that love me deeply.
  • be the most prettiest bride in the world.
  • wearing the traditional and a litle bit sexy wedding dress.
  • travel all the world.
  • become a teacher.
  • giving my parents the better life.
  • having the cute children.
  • having the cute mashi-maro.
  • make parents proud of me.
  • singing a lovely song while playing the guitar. x reti men gitar.. :(
  • watching the stars and moon all night with the special person.
  • climbing a hill then scream to the world.
  • having my own cute puppy.
  • meet my bestfriend SUET MUN, JANINE, EE LHIM, SU YIN.
  • died on his lap.
  • create my own home design.
  • make the 'one cup prosperity love'.
  • get the DIY birthday gift.
  • cry all day all night.
  • sit on the top of building watching the view from the top of building.
  • stay on the big ship like titanic for 2-3 days.
  • drink until drunk.
  • giving my future hubby morning kiss and good night kiss everyday.
  • learn how to play the keyboard.

  • ada lgi dreams neng .. tpi x tulis abis smua nie.. haha.. byk lgi dreams x tercapai lg.. huhu..

    sempena tahun baru nk menjelang.. neng ingin mengucapkan SLAMAT TAHUN BARU 2012.. mungkin terlalu awal kot.. tpi ini ikhlas dari gadis yg berjaohan dgn kampung..

     smoga smua org sihat-sihat slalu.. apy-apy slalu.. murah rezeki dan dilindungi Tuhan..

     utk yg still single -> hrp2 jmpe jodoh awal nah..hidup maw enjoy..
     utk yg dh couple -> smoga berpanjangan hubungan anda..
     utk yg dh kawin -> hrp anak-anak anda berjaya dgn atas didikan anda dan hubgan kekal berpnjgan gan pasangan masing-masing..

    special to ... 

     neng's parents -> getting healthier and stronger.. neng love u more..!
      neng's siblings -> don't naughty-naughty k..get a good results and make mama n papa proud of u..!
      neng's friends -> keep in touch and don't forget me..!
      neng's bf -> rich as ur name..! be more happier and get what u want in 2012..!!

    yang paling penting.. kesihatan smakin baik dan duit smakin bertambah pada tahun 2012..

    new year open a new book and a new achievement will be done.. ^^

    ★´¯`•  simple wish from simple girl  •´¯`★

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