The ♥ of Fish

ari nie.. neng g tgk angel fish menetas.. amazing..!! taw x ape neng npk?? 
neng can feel the parents love to their child ( masih lgi telur).. betina makan telur-telur yg x menetas n hampas-hampas telur.. jantan plak kawal keadaan sekeliling.. neng pegang cermin akuarium, si jantan terus melanggar-langgar.. garang nya..!! syg btl ikan kt anak-anak nyaa..

sme laa mcm mama papa kita.. parents owes love their children.. they protect us without letting us notice it.. Parents doesn't show the love by materials or money..  but they show their loves through their care and protection.. 

dear mama n papa,

neng love you..!! no matter what happen, I will protect and care about you just like you care and protect me all the time since neng was born..!! Love you mama..!! Love you papa..!! I'm promise I will become a good child and not disappointed you ..!!


can you feel the love of fish??


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