Survivor Island

did you know that SURVIVOR is held in Malaysia?? 
Neng in Survivor Island --> Pulau Tiga Park..! 

on the way going to the island.. 
we capture the picha.. 

the view of Pulau Tiga Park..
it very romantic and relaxing place.. 

the Pulau Tiga Park Resort
the only one resort in this island..

our activities

seeing all the aquatic animals and plants..
just like in heaven..!

 went to Pulau Ular 
Pulau Tiga have 3 islands
 Pulau Tiga (biggest)
Pulau Ular (full with snake)
 Pulau Pasir (full with sand)

this is Pulau Pasir..


 mud bath 
the best part..! 
we having free spa in Pulau Tiga Park..

haha.. neng not a good singer.. 
but neng is a crazy singer in this 3 nights..

and this all become our sweet memory.. 

having the best and joyful time with all DPI members..
we laugh, we happy, we cry, we sad, we share everything..

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