Neng's Dream Wedding

Just now, Mr.R col neng.. he talk about his cousin's wedding.. "wahh.. so grand oo her wedding..!!" hmm.. its making neng think about my future loorr.. mulalah termenung, terbayang2 future planning.. @_@

Neng's Dream Wedding ...

  • just simple2 only.. neng dun want grand2 one.. neng just wanna it simple but memorable.. ^^
  • neng dun want make it complicated.. no need too much things to set it.. simple2 only..
  • Wanna da wedding done in a park, in flight, beside the sea or any outdoor place.. dun want to done it at home.. penat kemas umah weeii..!!
  • most important --> neng wanna wear TRADITIONAL WEDDING CUSTOM..!! no british, no chinese, but SIAMESE..!! mula terbayang2 dh.. @_@

wow..!! nice right?? dh masuk alam mimpi dh.. =.=''

BUT, the most important is --> neng love him.. He love neng.. what ever type of wedding.. how grand or how simple it is.. neng don't care.. neng just wanna be apy wif the person who love me forever.. =)

p/s --> wedding is just once in life.. *Mr.R say it*

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