What mean by LOVE for you?? happiness?? just a feeling between 2 person??hurmmm...for is sharing..but not can be very beautiful..very nice..very also can be very painful..very unhappy..and can destroy your life too!!!

If you love someone, you will done everything for him/her..even you have to scarify your is such as a sweet cake..At the first time you eat the cake, you will like it very much and eat a lot of the cake..but..when you eat and eat and eat again the cake, you will feel that the cake is not as sweet as before..and you start hate to eat the try to find another cake to eat..just like love..When you love will love sincerely and very like him/her..but when the time is going will know his/her good and bad..and you will start to feel boring with him/her..and start to find the other 'love story'..

Why i say love is sharing..but not everything?? hahaha..everyone will say.."i love you..i will give all my life for life is for you"..but me..nope!!! i love you..but my life is not for you..thats me!! ahakxx..=P

I love someone..but i doesn't give my life for him..I'm just share my life story with him..Everyone need their own space and own't control others life..even he/she is your hubby/wife..If you control his/her will make him/her feel uncomfortable..So, give the freedom both of you and him/her..Don't control who he/she want to be friend..don't control what he/she can do..but just holding his/her him/her..and you will not lost him/her..

I know..some time it doesn't work..Some of the 'love story'..if you didn't control him/ will lost him/she..yar..this also true..i had love someone before..i trust him..i didn't control last..i lost him..its so hard to let it go..but never mind..I'm not regret what i had done..because he doesn't use his true heart to love i want to make my life complicated because of him??? so i let him go..that is good for me and him..haha..=D truly..sincerely..and trust your love one..TRUST is the most important..appreciate him/her..But..if you lost him/her..don't blame him/her or yourself..its no wrong and right in LOVE..LOVE is FREEDOM..share everything with your love one..but don't give everything to your love one..because love can DESTROY your life too!! =))

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